How To Make A Kawaii Gloomy Bear Plushie Tutorial

Hello Fluffies!! As always, I hope that all of you are having a fabulous week. I on the other hand, have another cute plushie to show you guys and his name is Gloomy Bear!

Here are some fun facts about Gloomy Bear:
Gloomy Bear was created by Mori Chack and is a bear who eats humans. Mori believes that animals and humans are not compatible by nature, hence the gore that comes along with the design. I love that this is a different take on the many cute things that we find on the internet, plus Gloomy Bear is a celebrity in Japan and now all over the world.
I initially saved this tutorial for Halloween, but yes, we all know how awful my time management can be sometimes hence the delay. I have a ton of things planned for you guys during winter and hope that my busy schedule will not be holding me back. Things usually get crazy for me around this time of the year, but I am so looking forward to the holidays, I cannot contain the excitement for it.
With that said, I hope you like this little plushie tutorial I put together for you and don't forget that we still have not completed the basics on doll making. I have something planned next week and I can't wait to show you guys!
Till then, have a fun week and I will see you on Saturday!

As always, I love you more than fishcakes and nummy nom noms!
Gloomy Bear Plushie Template
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  1. It's so adorable! >.<

  2. I'm going to make a black Gloomy bear right now! Wish me luck~ ;)