Aiko's famous fake embroidery tutorial LOL

OOoolala! I think i should get fine tickets for my late posts LOL!...So anyways! this is what we did a few days back because I had loads of requests or more like questions on how I got my plushies eyes to look this way. So there we go...:D It's not really hard to make your eyes look that way but more of an extra effort to make them look the way they do.
But what doesn't look good with a little extra effort right? We love not being lazy LOL! *aiko lies*
Chubby bunny has a baby? :D I have a tutorial on how to make these cuties on Plushtorials, so don't forget to check that out and huggs go out to all of you who are amazing!



  1. Thank You so much for this~!!!!
    it really helped me a bunch! ( */// A ///* )

  2. where is the template for the bunny I so want to make one please tell where to get it at ty