Cute Everyday Lookbook: Sentimental Circus Inspired Outfits

Hello there fluffies! It is good to be back. The weather here has been a tad bit wacky. It has been cold for 2 weeks because of the rain and hot the next and me being the weakling that I am, caught the ultimate flu. I have been working quite a bit for the past few months and I think my body decided to be boss for once and forced me to stay in and take a break.

I have a few interesting things I want to tell you about and I can't wait to break the news, but until then, I am forced to keep shut just for a little bit more. I had a good week in bed eating mummy's awesome chicken soup. I also started reading novels and started playing mini games online, something I have not done for a long long time. Years in fact. Perks when you are ill. I need to do this again.

With that said, I really missed all of you and I am really sorry if I didn't get back to your comments on YouTube, here, and on all my social networks. I am slowly sifting through the sea of e-mails to answer all of your wonderful questions and make more friends in the process. Also, thank you so much for all the wonderful messages you sent me during my down time. I especially loved the E-Card from Sally with the little bear. Big hugs to you!

This week, I was really happy to be out and about taking pictures and filming an outfit video, plus it was sunny and nice out. I got a request a while back to do a Sentimental Circus inspired outfit video, so here it is! As always, I put my own quirky, vintage spin on it with some Mori Girl inspiration to boot. Oh, how I want to be close to you Japan. *whines*

Shappo Inspired Mori Girl Outfit 
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Shappo the circus bunny! If you don't know who he is, I made a plush out of him before and you can find it here (mind you, it was a very old tutorial, and my first few on YouTube, so excuse the photography and lack of OOMPH during the video tutorial). Shappo is cute, pink and quirky, but instead of going the quirky way, I wanted to infuse his colors into my outfit and style it softer instead. I think Mori Girl fashion has influenced the way I dress for years and even though, I do not dress exactly like one (because the weather does not permit me to do so), I like to take little things from the style and infuse it into mine. So that makes me half a Mori Girl maybe?

I chose this blouse from Sammydress and it is a soft pretty pink with lace and BELL SLEEVES. I love bell sleeves. Don't they just remind you of a Victorian ball? This was initially a dress, but it was a little bit too short for my taste so I slipped on a bouncy denim skirt to give this a flouncy look instead. I also wanted to cheat and make this look more like a dress than a long blouse. What do you think? Did I somehow succeed in tricking you? *evil laughs*

Outfit Details:
Blouse: Sammydress (c/o)
Denim Skirt: Candy
Shoes: Candy

 Rio The Lion Inspired Outfit
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gold studs, black creeper shoes, platform shoes, leather

Onward and forward! This outfit was directly inspired by Rio the lion from Sentimental circus. I chose this lace crochet collard chiffon polka dotted dress, (*deep breath*what the hey, long description) to represent him. The lace collar reminded me of his mane and the dress with polka dots are the colors of Rio. He is white and black with gold colored dots. Here is a picture of him.

I also paired this up with creeper shoes instead of the normal dainty ones I have, just for the fun of it and also because this was a birthday present from my best friend. All the more reason to show it off. The gold studs reminded me of Rio's little gold colored dots on his mane for some odd reason.

Also I am trying to grow my hair out. I took a back pose just so you could see how crazy it is getting. A ton of you requested that I keep my hair long, and I took you on a challenge, but boy, am I down the road of fail at the moment. It looks hideous doesn't it?

Outfit Details:
Dress: Sammydress (c/o)
Creeper Shoes: Placid

Alright fluffeteers! I am going to sign off now with a few things for you to ponder on today. One, if my dress trick worked on you and two, should I get my hair cut? Deep thoughts people, deep thoughts. Have a happy weekend awesome human beings! Follow on Bloglovin
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