How To Make A Kawaii Frog Cake Plushie Tutorial

Hello fluffies! It is a new week again and boy does time pass fast these days. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner and I am looking forward to making presents again this year. Woo hoo!
I was lurking on the internet during the weekend in search for a fun felt food project to share with you guys. As always, I went on random and found some pretty awesome stuff. Like this frog cake.
Who ever knew these existed!

Anyways, frog cakes are real and they sell well in Southern Australia. I shall throw you over to my good friend Wikipedia to sort out the huge confusion you might be experiencing this very moment with frogs, cakes and sweet confectionary. I was pretty much baffled in amazement myself at these cuties.
So long story short? I saw, fell in love and I made? As always, this is super simple. We are basically going to sew a cube together. The only difference is that this cube has a cute little froggy head attached at the top.

To make these look even more like the original frog cakes, I put them into little paper muffin cups my mother had lying around for her yummy tea time treats she makes on weekends.

So what do you think? I would love to know if any of you have ever tasted frog cakes in real life. Do let me know in the comments. Are they sweet and sinful like confectionary should be?

See you this weekend fluffeteers! I love you more than green fondant!
Frog Cake Plush Template
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  1. super adorable <3
    Thanks for your lovely comment, also love your cute haircut :3 and your eyes, so expressive!