Celebrating 10 000 Subscribers with an Outfit Lookbook & Craft Contest!

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Woot woot! Contest time is here! I am holding an outfit/lookbook and craft contest simultaneously to celebrate all you awesome people! I can't wait to see your entries and things can't get any better than this for me. Thank you so much for all your support on my YouTube channel, blog and various social networks. For those of you who have been with me from the start, I have no words to express my gratitude and love towards each and everyone of you.

I just wish I had words to describe how happy and accomplished I feel at this very moment, and to think that almost 14 000 of you had a very special role in it, simply makes my life a brighter place. I started with a dream and now that dream has taken me to so many places and helped me accomplish the things I could not have done so many years ago.

Thank you.

As I write this post, I somehow feel overwhelmed with emotion. Not sad emotions. Happy ones. I would have never imagined being where I am today a year and a half ago. Thoughts of coming on YouTube or blogging about my interests never occurred to me in the past and even if I tried, I failed. Passion and drive proved me wrong and it is all you need to achieve a simple and ridiculous dream.

But enough talk about me tearing up, let's talk about you. I am finally holding a contest after so long and I am stoked about the fact that I am holding a new kind of contest to celebrate the newest fashion addition on my channel. I started posting looks and style posts on my YouTube channel and blog and it has been a blast! I was searching YouTube for similar fashion contest videos, however I didn't see any, and decided to start a trend with other fashion people on YouTube.  Let's hope it works out snazzy.
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However, craft was what got me and my channel going and it will always be my first love no matter how far I thrive on YouTube with fashion, hence it is really important to me that my roots are never forgotten. The craft community may be a small one, but it is one built on love, trust, compassion and most of all it is a sharing and giving community. It is not a community built on sponsorship, freebies or income and for that reason, it remains raw, untouched and passion driven based solely on originality and pure talent. I am proud to be a craft artisan and this time around, I bought some extra special prizes for my all crafts contest. HOOZAH!

I hope I get a ton of entries like I did my previous contests and I hope that all of you have fun with the themes for both the outfit/lookbook and craft contests. Watch the videos below for the contest rules and take a peak at the awesome outfits, bags and cute thingimajigs I purchased just for you! Good luck !


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