DIY Felt Puppy Embellished Dress : Fashion Tutorial

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Ok, so maybe this is not the average outfit for the average girl. However, I am not an average girl. I am quirky in person just as I am with my outfits. This is yet another DIY project. Lets call it my road to Japan. Because the Japanese are so expressive with the way they dress, you can’t go wrong even if you decide to walk out in the open wearing a pair of boxers and a lace blouse. I am always inspired by fashion that isn't mainstream. It is not everyday you get to see a puppy inspired outfit and I think it makes it all the more special. The blouse, socks, bag and shoes were purchased while the grey overall dress was handmade by me from scratch. I used cotton fabric and rimmed the bottom of the dress with some scrap polka dotted fabric that I had leftover from a previous project.
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However, the spotlight of the day is my cute little puppy friend you see in this picture. Lets give her a name. Her name shall be Mimi. I am a fan of Mariah Carey (heh..). Upcycling any kind of item in your closet is a must if you are a DIY junkie like myself. On a number of occasions, I even find myself waiting for a wardrobe item to age in an ungraceful manner so that I can pick it up and give it a new look according to my style.  As mentioned earlier, I made this overall dress quite some time ago. I found myself not wearing it as often as I should (I feel cruel).So, since I will be going back to Japan in August, a cute makeover would do this overall dress some good. I wanted to achieve a 'kawaii' look for this outfit hence the puppy embellishment, however feel free to change it up to a skull by all means. It is the freedom of creativity that makes your personality pop.
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This Fashion DIY project is quite simple and easy to do. You will need felt or any kind of scrap fabric lying around the house to make the puppy. Cut the pieces from the template provided below. Tell me what you think about my outfit combination in the comments below! I am loving it and can't wait to prance in it when I hit the streets of Japan in August!
Puppy Template

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  1. you are so talented Aiko! I am loving your fashion videos

  2. Omg. Now I am convinced that you are my style twin. Because when I went to Japan, I made this: felt panda appliques, which I attached to a pinafore dress (see here). Haha. Plus I couldn't agree more with your sentiments here! Mainstream fashion is boring. Why wouldn't you want to go out wearing applique puppies if you can?!

    1. OMG LOL!!!!...this is unreal! I am literally this now >> @____@ though I thought your panda was way cuter^^

  3. Aiko, may I ask how you go about washing this? I feel like felt wouldn't hold up too well in the washer, but what do I know, haha!

    1. Yep you can definitely wash this in the machine, but I recommend that you handwash it in cold water :) Works fine. Most of my felt embellished outfits are still in good condition :D HUGS