Aztec Print Outfit Of The Day (Chictopia)

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I am quite the addicted bunny to Chictopia at this moment. I love that it is a huge style gallery dedicated to bloggers and trend setters alike without having to be skin thin, or anything that models claim to have and we do not. However, I am using Chictopia as a hub to be able to showcase my DIY outfits that are made by me. Most of the items that you see of me on there, have pieces that I specifically made from scratch or upcycled from old items that I do not wear anymore. This outfit has a couple of DIY goodness in them. Lets do a run down shall we?
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The beanie hat that you see me sporting is handmade from an old sweater I have not worn for the past two years. Simply because the weather here is such I am restricted to cool clothing and that very sweater was one thick thingimajig. The Aztec top was purchased at Refuge while the shorts was another DIY project from a pair of long flare pants. I snipped it short and hemmed the edges to prevent my pair of cuties from fraying. I am also quite the hardcore destroyer when it comes to apparel. Making sure my DIY outfits last is always the ultimate mission. Socks were purchased at Daiso. It is ridiculously cheap here while the cuff bracelet I was wearing was made from scratch. It was a leather cuff with studs. Very edgy. As for the shoes, nothing much to say about it except that I have such an obsession with it, it is unhealthy. These pair of baroque wedges were purchased in Japan and I sleep with them under my pillow. Very versatile, comfortable and obviously cute.
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I am still fairly new on Chictopia. Last I checked, I bagged 18 followers. LOL (laugh out loud) worthy, but all the more reason to move forward with more outfits to share with everyone who will watch me. I started off the same with YouTube and now I have so many of you who watch me (still baffles me till today and I love each and everyone of you who were crazy enough to believe in my skills). I guess it all starts off somewhere..(tee hee). Anyway, good news is that, this outfit was featured again on the front page and I am happy. So happy that I literally did a twirl, princess toes and all. I will be posting up the detailed photos of the pieces soon. I  have yet to take close ups of the entire look. In the mean time, don't forget to come follow me there if you do have a Chictopia account. I would love to do the same and get to know all of you even better. Till then, gloat at my front page feature below.

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Ok pals, love you guys, I would love to chat more, but I am of to film you a new tutorial. Tell me what you think of my look. Would you wear this out?
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