How To Make A Kawaii Takoyaki Plushie Tutorial

Good morning my lovely friends! Last night before bed, I made an amazing discovery.  I discovered the cuteness that is Takoyaki. I will have to admit though, I love eating these things back at home, they are the best snack on the go especially with tons of mayonnaise! So anyway, getting back on track, I was browsing our good old friend Google and I found this really cute sticker page in the pictures!
It was love at first sight. LOOK AT THIS THING! It is so cute!! I had to make my version of it with felt and I think it turned out super adorable. I love the faces on this little Takoyaki plush and even though takoyaki is originally an octopus ball snack (a very delicious one I must add), I love this rendition from the original ball like shape. I hope you guys like it too! I can't wait to see the faces you would come up with. I shall wait in excitement for that to happen. In the mean time, here is the template and video. Enjoy!
Takoyaki Plushie Template


  1. OMG this little guy is just too darn cute. Are there any other characters as cute as this one? Would love to see any other if they are this adorable. Thanks!! : )

    1. not sure :D they have a whole notebook series of takoyaki -san :D I love this guy!