DIY Above Knuckle Rings Tutorial : 3 Ways

This week in DIY Fashion, we are going to make this really nifty looking above knuckle rings.I find that these are the perfect fashion accessory that are subtle but in your face. You immediately stand out when you wear jewelry like this because it isn't the conventional boring way of wearing something on your fingers.
For this tutorial, you will need eye pins to make the ring base, however if you don't have these, you could replace them with craft wire or bigger jump rings that fit around the top of the knuckles. Frankly, it works great either way, but you definitely have more creative freedom with eye pins and craft wire. I made 3 kinds of rings as shown below. We have a version with pearls, chevron rings and a double ring chain pattern. Which is your favorite? Mine was definitely the double ring chained ones.
Pearl wrap above knuckle ring
Chevron Rings. I paired them up to give it an edgier look.
Double Ring Chain. This is my favorite one. Trendy and sexy. 

While you enjoy the pictures, don't forget to look out for my tutorial on these cuties tonight on my YouTube Channel ! See you there!
Watch the tutorial below:


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