NANA Inspired DIY Felt Rosette Punk Rock Choker (PART 1)

NANA is my all time favorite anime and manga both put together. I love the artwork, the music and definitely the story line. It didn't have a disgusting cutesy vibe with over the top fan service and it stayed true to realistic life events which made it all the more promising as an anime/manga. Nana Osaki is my favorite character as she exudes strength as a woman who strives to make significant accomplishments and saw herself as the better person even though she was just starting out as an unknown singer for the Blast.
With all that said, the one thing I admire most about Nana Osaki is her amazing taste in fashion. I love how she pairs a blazer with a checkered school girl skirt or the simple white tank top with all that amazing costume jewelry, punk style. So this tutorial was inspired by her and I wanted to remake a choker that Nana wore in the anime. Take note that this is an inspired look. I like to change things up and make them my own but keeping the essence of the original piece. Her piece was a leather studded belt sort of choker with a safety pin chain. Mine is a felt rosette choker with the same safety pin chain as well.
I chose felt for the base of the choker because I am a fan of comfort. you can choose to stick the felt rosette on any other kind of necklace. Whatever that suits you best. While we are at it, what do you think of the nifty felt rings that I am wearing? They are double rings connected with double chains. Let me know if you want a tutorial on these.
In the mean time, enjoy the video!


  1. Where s the template aiko!!!!

    1. The shapes for this tutorial is pretty basic so I didn't prepare any templates :)