Mamegoma Pudding Plushie Tutorial

I had a plushie update recently, and in case you haven't watched it yet, it is linked right HERE. Tons of you guys were raving about this little guy over here and as mentioned in my plush update, I think he was my favorite of the lot of plushies I showed you guys.
This one was the original, but as usual, I always love changing things up to show you guys different ways you can work with a plush. Anyway! Long story short, I have turned this cute dude into a tutorial especially for you guys. I hope you enjoy this tutorial even though I sound really out of it thanks to my awesome smashing flu. You gotta admit, I sound a little sexy when I have the flu. They say it comes with the virus :P
Till then, enjoy and I am out to get some snoozies.
Mamegoma Pudding Plushie Template
You might have to cut a little off the circles depending on how you sew. But these were a good fit for me. Let me know in the comments, if it did not really work out for your cute little hands. Oh, and I also found another way you could take the template off my blog. Just right click and open image in new tab and voila!
Ok, seriously, I'm out :P

Watch The Tutorial on my blog :)


  1. Hi Aiko :)
    I love this plush idea! :) I can't wait to do it <3

  2. this is so cute! i cant wait to start on this new project ^^