DIY: How To Make A Mamegoma Jewelry Box From Felt Tutorial

I planned this tutorial on a random notion and say hey! I think it turned out rather savvy looking considering the fact that I had no idea how the outcome to it was going to be. This week, we are going to make something a little different and this is called a felt jewelry box. In my case, its a Mamegoma felt jewelry box. I ended up giving this to my grandmother who wanted a storage place for her pretty rosaries after her prayers and she absolutely gushed with blushing cheeks about how much she loved this little fella over here. Of course she had no idea who Mamegoma was, but she did mention something along the lines of 'Cute puppy case. It would be perfect for my rosaries!'.
So with that thought in mind, I leave you now with another picture,template and finally the video. Enjoy girlfriends!

Don't panic if you do not see the full template. Just right click and save as picture and you should get the entire template. You could also open image in new tab and save it from there.

Felt Mamegoma Jewelry Box Template


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