DIY: Juliet's Felt Flower Halo Tutorial

Bubs and Aiko attempt Romeo and Juliet.
Romeo and Juliet. I wouldn't call this a love story to be honest. It is more tragic. However, Romeo and Juliet has become the reason countless romance movies are thriving these days. Or at least that is what I like to believe. I was inspired by the romance of this story more so than the tragic part of where they die a really pointless death and thus this beautiful floral halo made its appearance. I like to believe that felt is a very versatile fabric and if one opens the mind to the wonders of felt, wonders you shall receive. (speaks in an ethereal voice).
Screen shot from my video tutorial.
I've seen a ton of tutorials on how to make flower halos,flower crowns, flower headpieces all from real or artificial flowers, so I thought, why not create a floral halo from felt! There is no limit to what kind of flowers you can create, your options are endless and this is the best part about creating your pieces from scratch. I used some chains, jump rings, pearls and felt for this tutorial. Give it a go! You'll be amazed with the different things you come up with when all you have is your creativity. Hope you guys liked this tutorial and the small skit Bubs and me cooked up especially for this video!
DIY Felt Flower Halo. I love this close up. 
Felt Flower Template


  1. i hope the template will have soon . thanks . :)

    1. yep yep ! :D ill be uploading it tomorrow...:D out of town at the moment :D huggs!

  2. How adorable...put you on my facebook to share with my friends...of course it helps that you are so cute.

  3. Thanks for sharing the flower template! :) Liz