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Every now and then, you receive E-Mails in your inbox that make your day. Or rather you feel recognized for doing something that you are passionate about. I like being recognized..or at least my egoistical alter ego who thinks that being recognized is a step up to being just a little bit more appreciated by the masses. Hawr..hawrr..the irony.

Well, jokes aside, I was truly more than happy to collaborate with a review blog site, The Craft Gossiper dedicated solely towards promoting YouTube crafters (is crafters even a word?). It is not everyday the crafting community is recognized or even looked at by many. We are often overshadowed by beauty channels, vloggers, musicians and any kind of genre that is catered for the masses and tagged as entertainment. While I think that craft is more of an exclusive past time, it is more entertaining than you think it is.

Craft taps into your inner creativity allowing your mind to draft up new ways to connect with others and bring out a certain charm or feeling through your hands, mind, body and soul. Craft is also relaxing and have a ton of stories that come with it. Some people turn to craft because they want to express themselves. Some do it because they use it as an outlet to portray who they are as a creative individual. I do it because, it is a tool for me to tell a story that come with my creations in hope to inspire others to do the same.

Lisa, the owner of The Craft Gossiper contacted me via E-mail a while back asking if I would like to do an interview for her blog. To be honest, I did not agree immediately as I wanted to know her reasons for creating a blog that is such and what were her objectives and motivations for wanting to interview a bunch of personalities from the crafting community on YouTube.

What won me over wasn't a full interview and write up post dedicated to my name, but her reason behind creating this blog was a winner with me. Her aim was to gather all the crafts people from YouTube and channel them through one space where everyone could come and see, meet and learn about the personalities behind the videos and what inspired them to take on such an exciting challenge. She is a true visionary and this was such a clever idea because I found myself learning things about my fellow craft friends on YouTube that I never knew about before. I love that everyone had a different story behind their crafts, but all of them had the same vision to grow the craft community together as a unit. So kudos to Lisa and Elle (hope my spelling was right) for creating a space for us and if you are interested in reading my feature interview, link is HERE.

Ahem...do remember to also check out the rest of the other awesome people featured there. I am but a small cockroach compared to their awesome greatness.

I love you! Aiko ~


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