How To Make A Kawaii Love Bird Plushie Tutorial

Valentines Day is drawing near and what more but to get ready for it? I personally think that Valentines Day is not only a day for lovers but a day to show that extra love for the people you care about. In conjunction with that, I decided to hold a huge collaboration with all of my Facebook Fans where all of us would make cute little plushies for Valentines. That way, many of you would have a ton of tutorials, ideas and inspiration to play with before the day is up. What are you making for your Valentine?
Bird Plush Template


  1. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! This one is my fave! Thanks so much for sharing these great creations! Lol...

  2. Do we leave the other side of the bird with nothing? Like no eye & wing? From the picture and tutorial it seems to be that way. I just wanted to make sure.

    1. Hiya there!! you can add them on to the other side if you want :D I think it would look cute either way :D HUGS