How To Make A Kawaii Frog Lollipop Plushie Tutorial

I am so happy with this little frog lollipop plush! It came out uber cute! I am not technically a fan of frogs in real life because their wet skin literally freak the bejizzles out of me, but I have to admit, if frogs were this cute, fluffy and dreamy, I would want one for a pet.
I posted this up on my Facebook Page during the weekend giving you guys a chance to choose from a variety of 'kawaii' related characters that I found on Google (Don't we all love Google), and most of you chose lollipops, and to my surprise a huge number of you wanted this frog in particular. I decided to give it a first go with the baby frog and made a Papa frog for the tutorial and now, these 2 guys over here are not going anywhere because I simply fell in love with googly eyed frogs thanks to all your requests!
So thank you for this wonderful request guys! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Bear Lollipop Plush. Love this one. Do you guys want a template for it?
Frog Lollipop Template
Bear Lollipop Template 
For The Bear Lollipop. It is really simple. Just follow the steps below to fix on face features.
1) Sew on eyes and snout using a fell stitch
2) Sew on the mouth and nose using a backstitch. I have inserted a pattern for the mouth.
The rest is exactly the same as the frog lollypop plush. You can get full instructions by watching the video


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