How To Make A Kawaii Bear Plushie On A Stick Tutorial

You guys guessed it. I am in a lovey dovey mood. I have been making a load of plushies this week just because I think they make such great gifts that are customized to your liking. Bubs from B4Astudios and myself planned a special Valentines Day tutorial collab for all of you and we decided to make bears!
As usual, me being me, I changed things up a little. We have loads of bear tutorials on YouTube, so I decided to make a bear that is not a key chain or cellphone charm, but a bear plushie on a stick! How cool is that! This little bear plush on a stick can be easily transformed into a little bedroom deco for your loved ones and will be an eternal reminder of you and your awesomeness (Evil laughs). On a side note, I had a special intro planned out with Bubs for this video to celebrate and thank you guys for Valentines. I hope you liked them. Some random screen shots below!
Aiko Has A Tortoro Something?

Something handmade, is always priceless

Our awesome Bubs from B4AStudios playing his role
Bear Plush Template


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