Fashion DIY : Safety Pin Pendant Necklace Tutorial

I thought of something weird for this week's Fashion DIY tutorial. First, I wanted to make a quick fix recycle your old T-Shirts type thing, then I had no idea what kind to do, so I turned to my good friend Google and did a search for inspiration. I then found little pictures showcasing cute little safety pin brooches with whimsical charms attached to them...and KA- CHING ( yes ka-ching...) I had an awesome idea! Why not make safety pin customized/personalized pendants!
These safety pin pendants can be fully customized to your own liking. You can even put personal msgs, and tag them unto this pin, add your own swagger to it and rock it like a superstar. I love finding things in the house and turning them into trinkets. They don't cost a bomb and you make them as you like them. I always believe that handmade jewelry has a story to each piece. I hope I inspired you to create your very own story.
Wearing my very own handmade safety pin pendant necklace
Experiment with different elements and colours
Tutorial will be up during the weekend! I hope you guys dig this :) Till then..
Aiko - out -


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