How To Make A Tokidoki Caramella Coin Pouch From Felt

Tokidoki! I love the characters from tokidoki. Infact I think I like them better then any other Sanrio or San-X characters. I decided to hold a vote from the suggestions you guys left me for my next plush tutorial on my Official Facebook Page, and tokidoki was one of them. I then looked up 2 of my favorite characters which were Caramella and Latte. You guys voted for Caramella and initially, I wanted to turn this into a plush, but knowing Aiko and her madness, I always tend to change things up as I go.
I think that the candy shape to her makes the perfect coin pouch and you would have tons of colors to play with to. I also modified her base colour which was supposed to be in white. But you guys know how I am in love with pink shades. So I made her in a baby pink colour. The hair on her face comes in many colours, however doing that on felt might make your coin pouch less durable as you will have to cut out really thin pieces and felt doesn't really hold  up nicely when its cut thinly. So, I simply chose colours that would compliment the pink base.
Hope you guys liked this one. I think it is mad cute!