How To Make A Hello Kitty Tofu Plushie Tutorial

 Hiya everyone! Today we made a Hello Kitty Tofu plush and yes I have an OCD on Hello Kitty. I can't not do  her and turn her into various food that I love eating in real life. Please don't hate me LOL! I also tried something new with my tutorial this time around and did a voice over instead of my usual 'ums' and 'uhs' during my random speaking. So I hope it sounded more professional but still me in a way? I'm not too sure. Let me know if u like me going 'um' instead.
And here is a top view of this little kawaii tofu. Finally for the template which is below. No bow template though. I think that one is quite simple. I just gave you the measurements for everything else. Good luck peeps! Remember to leave me a vid reponse if you make any of this.
Hello Kitty Tofu Template


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