How To Make A Kawaii Rainbow Cake Slice Plushie

Hello Everyone! This weekend me and a few friends of mine decided to get together to do a weekend collab and I enjoyed every moment of it. I won't go into the details and talk about what was the theme of the collab,  you'll see all of that in my video, but I will tell you that I loved it LOL! Anyway, here's my version of a rainbow cake slice plush and I think it turned out pretty cute. Hope you liked it!
I have not uploaded the template yet. I have no idea where I put it Oo...So I'll have to remake a new one and scan it here. So please bear with me >.< I will do it as soon as possible! HUGGS!
Cake Slice Template


  1. where the whipcream template ?????

    1. hiya there u can get it from here