FASHION LOOKBOOK:Handmade Vintage Jewelry Lookbook

Why hello there my fluffy friends! I am not sure if you know this, but quite a while ago, I wrote a short blog post on my first online shop selling my very own handmade jewelry and it has been quite a long ride since then. So much have changed and grown, it is quite mind baffling that I've actually managed to make it this far.

It is amazing how small things become significant and I am always thankful for each experience, good and bad. Anyways, enough with my sappy emotional ramblings, I've gathered a few pieces to show you in my first ever jewelry lookbook. Of course none of which are shown here because that would just spoil the fun now, wouldn't it. I am such a trickster, I know. Must be the genes..heh!

So yes, not a very long blog post, but a fun one nevertheless yes? Watch the vid! Tell me what you think and, if you would like to see a gezillion more of these, head on to Folk Fairytale's official online store and feast your eyes on prettiness.

Alright, before I start on some other out of whack ramblings, I love you and see you next week!

P/S: I am thinking a shark plush tutorial maybe? Let me know..:P


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