DIY UPCYCLE FASHION : 5 Minute Pin Up Girl Inspired Look

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Hello there everyone! It is hot and sunny where I live and this time of the year is the best because I get to hit the beach and get outdoors more often. Believe me, at the rate I am never able to enjoy a lazy sunny day out, this is much needed to contain what is left of my sanity. Work sucks. Big time.
*whines away*

As I mentioned in my last DIY post, I have been been cutting and sewing up a big chunk of my old clothes to make them sort of new again, because heck, it is fun, it saves me a good load of ka-ching (money in real world sense), plus it is environmentally friendly in ways...of sorts.

So here I am with a huge T-Shirt I use for nothing, and it has such pretty candy cane like stripes. Which of course creates the perfect opportunity for a fashion overhaul. Or rather a fashion cut up (hah!). I am going to show you a super simple way to create an outfit using a tee shirt with nothing but a pair of scissors for the top and a few stitches here and there for the head band. In short?
A retro vintage pin up girl inspired look all for the cost of nothing.

Now for the things you will need to get this easy peasy fashion upcycle project going.

Things you will need for this project:
Old tee shirt
Fabric Scissors ( Make sure they are sharp)
Needle & Thread
Your imagination! ( very important)

Alright! I hope you show me your very own designs if you do use this fashion tutorial. Pictures are always a fun thing to receive. Watch my video tutorial for full instructions and bask away in the sun my friends, because I am. Enjoy! Happy week! I'm out!


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  1. Really cute! You're luck its warm where you live, its very cold where I am right now, lol! :)

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