DIY FASHION: How To Sew A Pusheen Cat Wallet Tutorial

Why hello there everyone! If you noticed, I am such a Pusheen Cat fan and I can never get enough of her cute little fashionable self. I decided to make a felt wallet to further expand this Pusheen obsession of mine and what's better, I found a really easy way to sew an envelope style wallet. You'll find that you need minimal sewing with this tutorial and it is just as good as any wallet in the store.

A little note to take while making this. All you need to do is to make sure that the measurements are exactly as shown in the chart below, or if you would like to make your own measurements, ensure that the cover should have the same dimensions as the wallet body. You should be good otherwise. Play things up, maybe create new faces or experiment with other characters besides this little cat I am so in love with. I would love to see your pictures too!
As always, here are the things that you need to complete this felt wallet.

Things you need:
Needle/ Thread
Fabric Glue (optional)
Snap closures or Velcro strips

Alright fluffies from my cat like imagination, I will see you next week with something as quirky as this and don't forget to leave me a comment if you are unsure of the steps shown in my tutorial. Love you all to bits and don't forget to drop Pusheen some catnip on your way out.

Measurements for wallet
To save the kitty strip and eyes, right click and choose 'Save Image As'
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  1. Hey Aiko,

    I'd like to say: I LOVE YOUR TUTORIALS!!!!
    They're so well explained and your stitching is so neat and professional.
    I know this is a really weird suggestion, but could you make a video that shows how to cut out templates. Kind of like what you usually do (like do you pin it or trace it) etc.

    Thanks for reading!!!
    HUGS :D

  2. Hi! I just want to ask if you use FELT PAPER or FELT FABRIC? Because aren't the two different things? :) Thanks Aiko!! Love your tutorials sooooo much <3

  3. Yay more Pusheen! Thanks Aiko! Love everything you do!