How To Make A Kawaii Whale Plushie Tutorial

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Hello fluffies! As always, I hope you had a great one! The weekend is almost here and it is pretty crazy right now at home. We are moving up to the country side and the house is nothing but a great HUGE mess at the moment. I am definitely going to miss my time here at the beach condo because living here for the past 13 years and waking up to the sight and sounds of the sea was indeed a true blessing.

Anyhooooo, this is somewhat a farewell tribute to my beloved beach condo and a whale plush seemed like the perfect idea. This is a super simple plushie to sew by the way. The template though, was a BIG huge pain in the buttocks. I had to draw, redraw, recalculate and redesign this thing at least 5 times before I got the right measurements. This is how bad I am with math. HAH!

Isn't Kujira-chan such a cutie? Yep, I named her Kujira-chan which means Whale in Japanese. I did not mention how I put the bow on in the tutorial, but it is pretty basic and I used glue. That's it. If you are somehow interested in how I made this felt bow, simply click HERE and ta-daa! Bow cuties all over the place.
Now, lets take a look at what you will need for this project.

Things you will need for this project:
Felt (different colors)
Thread ( I used only pink and brown)
Glue ( Optional and only if you plan to glue on decorations)

So yep! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, don't forget to leave me comments here, or on my video on what you might want to see next. I hope I will not be too busy to film next week and I will try my best, but IF, you don't see a video or a blog post up, know that i think of you in my whale like dreams and that I will be back the week after.
Awesome weekend fluffies! Love you always!

Whale Plushie Template
To save, right click and choose 'Save Image As'

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