How To Make A Kawaii Fox Pouch From Felt Tutorial

Hello Fluffies! I wish all of you a belated Thanksgiving! If you follow my Facebook Page, I was away for a whole week last week for a holiday, hence the disappearance, but fret not, because Aiko is back with a huge bag full of fun, refreshing tutorials.
I am a huge fan of nature and autumn is probably my favorite season of the year. I know that most of you are coming into winter or reaching the end of autumn hence this was somewhat the perfect thing to sew.

Fun facts about Foxes:
Did you that foxes are solitary animals and prefer living alone rather than being in a pack? If you ever crossed paths with a fox, it would most likely be alone. 
Foxes are also quite tame around humans in urban areas, and is said to be able to live among us peacefully.
However, they win the award of 'The Most Cunning Animal' on planet earth, as they possess stellar hunting skills in the most awkward situations. 
This is a super fun pouch to make and as you can see, the insides are double lined which makes it more durable, plus it looks easy on the eyes. I did not use a closure of any sort for this pouch, but you can go ahead and sew on snaps or use Velcro strips. I just thought it looked rather cute without any closures.
These are the few things you will need for this tutorial:
Brown, beige, black felt
Thread in the similar colors of your felt
Ribbon (Optional)
Closures like snaps and Velcro strips (optional)

If you fancy the snazzy little bow I have on my fox pouch, head over here, for a guided tutorial. If you are a beginner with felt pouch making, I think you would rather fancy this tutorial.

As for the rest of you awesome foxy ladies and men, I will see you this weekend with a new video. I am going to concentrate more on tutorials till Christmas to prep everyone with wonderful gift ideas. Once the holiday season is over, we will probably revert back to having one lookbook and plush/craft video a week.

So yes. Ta-ta!
Love each and everyone of you so suppppppppper much!
To save template, right click and choose 'Save Image As'
Good luck!!

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  1. hey aiko!! xx please upload the template soon x i'm bursting to make this! <3 x so cute

  2. OMG. I love your plushies Aiko! They're all so cute and easy to make. I'm only 12 and even I can make them all. Can I make a request for you to make more chapters in doll-diaries? You should make a Christmas suit.

    1. Definitely will and thank you so much huggs!

  3. We can use red/orange, beige, and black felt for a red fox, right?

    1. Yep definitely! IT would look really gorgeous! <3