DIY Fashion : Sharpie Hello Kitty T-Shirt Tutorial

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Happy weekend fluffies! I made a DIY Sharpie Hello Kitty T-shirt and lately I have been really inspired by Sharpie projects. I have seen some pretty amazing stuff on Pinterest and decided to put my own spin on things. I previously showed you how to make your own kawaii Pusheen Cat/Neko T-shirt and used only felt for the entire fashion project, however, I am going to be a little bit more experimental this time around and try 2 kinds of craft mediums. Sharpie markers and felt!
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All you need is an old T-shirt preferably in white because Hello Kitty is originally in white. I used an old basic tee I had lying around the house which was perfect for this project. I cropped the tee using a pair of scissors, but did not show you in the tutorial as there are an overload of tutorials on how to crop your tee on the internet, and I would have just sounded like a broken record doing so. Hah! Way to cover my butt here..
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I used felt to make Hello Kitty's whiskers and big bow. The tutorial on how to make your very own bow with felt will be linked here. Feel free to experiment and use different fabrics to make this if you want. I just have an unhealthy obsession with felt for unknown reasons. I wanted to make this shirt only with Sharpie pens, but changed my mind later on to add some texture on this shirt.
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As always,  I wanted a cute look to this outfit and styled this shirt with a pair of cut off shorts, also a DIY project from a long time ago. For some odd reason, I always find myself turning to knee high socks when I wear something short. I am pretty certain it is not for modest reasons, rather an excuse to add some variety to my wardrobe, if not quirk. To finish off this look, I wore my favorite DIY bow flats and my worn out mesh hat. I really need to buy me a new hat, but cannot find a good enough reason to do so. Call it attachment if you want.
polka dots, knee high socks, bow shoes
Finally, here are some tips that might help you with your very own Sharpie fashion project.

- Always start with a rough light outline and work your way through. I usually outline the picture I plan on drawing, and refining the edges right after. 
It is always important to refine the edges so that it is clear and sharp. This will help make your drawing look like a print instead of  an unprofessional attempt at making your shirt look like a print. Did that make sense? I hope so..

- Next, you are going to fill in your drawing at this point. Start with light strokes until everything is filled. Once you are done, go over everything again ( 2 times if you have to) to create a matte and solid color. 

- Before washing your DIY Sharpie tee, I always recommend to let it sit for a night. I usually run a hot iron over the 'sharpiefied' areas, but if you are afraid of irons, just toss your shirt into the dryer, put it to high heat and let it sit there for a bit. Heat will help set the colors on your shirt and you should not see any kind of bleeding after a good wash. 

- Like any other kind of printed shirts, Sharpie prints do fade with time. You can always re-trace your prints if that happens and everything should be a-okay !

Last but not least. Be creative and experiment! I know that there are a ton of rules on the internet with what you should or should not do, and I truly think that craft is a free expression built on creativity alone. If you think that newspapers make a good shirt embellishment, heck by all means, try it. I know I would.

With that thought in mind, I shall leave you now for the weekend. Have an awesome one and I will see you next week!
Sharpie Hello Kitty Template

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