Summer Lookbook 2013 : Doll Inspired Outfit Ideas

Hello my fluffies! I wish upon you an awesome weekend. I am super excited about this week's outfits because I made such an interesting discovery. To be very honest, I have searched high and low on the internet for a shop that sells something original and authentic, not copied or mass produced by a thousand other online shops. You'll notice that I am a little different when it comes to fashion. I prefer sticking to my individuality instead of blending in with the crowd. With that said, stumbling upon CLOSETmino is nothing but a fashion blessing on my behalf. Lets dive into these beautiful vintage finds and trust me, I can't wait but to brag about this kind of awesomeness. Theme of the day?  Doll Inspired Outfits.

Mismatched Vintage Doll Outfit
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Think London, think vintage, think all of that on a beautifully made dress. Yes, I kid you not. This is a London inspired print sleeveless dress from CLOSETmino. This dress is cut the same way as the Picnic dress I have below, however, I decided to style this a little differently and called it my very own Mismatched Vintage Dolly outfit. Putting prints together can get tricky sometimes and apparently there are rules for it in the fashion world. However, there is a saying that rules are meant to be broken. So, I did the obvious. I broke a fashion rule. I paired this dress with a heavily printed pair of vintage knee socks and toned it down with a pullover/sweater I got from WSD quite a while back. To finish the look, I slipped on my favorite pair of baroque wedges purchased in Japan. Playing with prints can be fun and in this case, a perfectly mismatched look couldn't look more in sync if done correctly. Or should I say carelessly.

Mismatched Vintage Dolly Outfit on the front page of Chictopia:
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Romantic Doll Outfit
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Romance and dolls, they somehow trigger a girl like no other. This dress is my favorite. I love how it flows nicely with any kind of body shape. The lace embroidery is a winner with me and you guys know how much I love my lace. The dress was a tad lose for me so I decided to put on a white bow buckle belt at the waist to give it some shape. To complete the dreamy dolly look, I slipped on a pair of sheer beige stockings, topped it off with some lace ankle socks and beige high heel pumps. Layer it like a boss, they say. Or ice- cream.

Picnic Doll Outfit
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Remember how I gush about picnics? Lets raise a glass now for picnics once again. I now introduce my kawaii looking Picnic Dolly outfit. This dress was such a steal. The prints on this cutie reminded me of jello, ice- cream and macaroons. Sweet tooth? Very much so. I styled the bottom half of this outfit the same as the look above just because. I liked how lady like it turned out to be. Top a hat off and you are good to go on any kind of picnic date.

Picnic Dolly Outfit Featured on Chictopia Front Page:

Lily Doll Outfit
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I  named this look Lily Doll. Not sure why, but the elegance and sweetness of this outfit reminded me of lilies for some reason. I am weird like that. I have the ability to conjure up the weirdest names for my outfits. This dress will be a staple in my wardrobe without a doubt. It flows and feels like a princess gown and the hand embroidered top half is such a pretty sight. I especially fell in love with the shoulder cut out on this dress. Reminded me of Grecian goddesses and sparkly skin. I toned down the entire look to give full embodiment to the dress itself, hence the handmade pearl headpiece and beige pumps. I didn't want to go overboard with it because it looks so pretty on its own. What do you guys think of the outfits? Watch the video and let me know in the comments below.
I now bid you goodbye my doll - like fluffies. We shall meet again in the near future. Or next week.

Where to buy these outfits?
You can either head on to CLOSETmino directly or click on the links below to get your very own dolly like outfit. They ship internationally.
1st Dress
2nd Dress
3rd Dress
4th Dress

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  1. Aiko, you are so pretty! Wish I was as pretty as you!

    1. huggs!! you are beautiful and gorgeous yourself! HUGS

  2. I have to agree with you! All of your dresses are adorable, and I like the second one best. Again, lovely outfits :)

    (I'm a totally new blogger so if there's anything that you can suggest please let me know! :) Thanks! )

    1. hi megan! I love your blog :D I sent you a comment there. Unfortunately I stopped using bloglovin, any other way to follow you on your blog? loving your design btw hugs!