DIY Cute Cloud Shoes : Fashion Tutorial

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Why hello there my fellow fluffies! Today is an interesting day. Today, we walk on clouds. Today, I probably sound insane, but before you take off running at an Olympic winning speed, might I interest you in a pair of very cute cloud shoes for a fashion tutorial this week? Yes, you heard me right. We are making cloud shoes.
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I've seen a ton of style bloggers and YouTubers create countless video and blog tutorials on how to create fashion forward looking shoes. However, I am not your mainstream kind of girl and as much as I would love to jump on the 'How to create Galaxy Shoes' bandwagon, I will have to decline and do what I do best. Go exactly in the opposite direction. Create cloud shoes instead.
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This is a very simple shoe upcycle project and you will need just a few things which are quite common in most of my fashion tutorials. I used felt, lace ribbons, satin ribbons and thread to create the cute cloud embellishment. As for shoes, I had a pair of old rubber flats lying around the house screaming for a make over and I thought it to be a perfect fit for this tutorial. However, in my honest opinion, this would have looked absolutely adorable with Mary Jane flats.
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Alright fluffies, it is time for me to say goodbye. I have a cake to eat and hot chamomile tea to sip on. My mother rocks a chocolate molten cake better than any celebrity chef on planet earth, hence, I am going to do it justice and be a glutton. Toodles.
Cloud Template
To save template, simply right click and choose ' SAVE AS'
Enjoy the video tutorial!
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