How To Style A Long Dress On A Petite Body

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Good Morning my fluffies! It has been a very tiring day. I was at a photo-shoot today, plus, I had to complete  a ton of last minute orders that came in for my handmade jewelry. With that said, it was a nice day out to take some pictures of a really cute dress I got a while back. In real life, I am quite a petite human being and often more than not, I always try to stay away from long dresses as they accentuate the shorty in me. However, I could not resist this find from CHOIES and decided to get this dress anyway. I love how there is a mesh between denim and chiffon, my two almost all time favorite textures. All that is left to do now, is to rock this baby. I am going to share some fashion tips with you on how I style long dresses.
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I love how the original look of the dress gives some height to my legs thanks to the high waist feature, however, I am going to play with this look just a little bit more so it fits my quirky little style I am quite fond of. High waist dresses or high waist anything gives an illusion of longer legs, however you might want to be careful if you are top heavy on the arm areas as high waist dresses tend to add a little more weight to the top part of your figure.

I added on a short cropped cardigan to give this outfit a little more edge and color. This works really well too, if you have some flesh on your arm areas as it gives you an immediate slimming effect. If you are not fond of short cropped cardigans, try a long button down vest instead. It elongates your entire figure and at the same time gives your look a very ethereal, vintage feel.
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As always, I finished the look with this hat I obsess about and a pair of DIY black bow flats. Swap the flats with some ankle boots to give this more edge and voila! You have a completed outfit for a great day out. Let me know if you would do the same with long dresses on a petite body. What are your tips for a slimming effect when you wear outfits? Let me know in the comments below. Toodles and huge hugs!

Outfit Details :
Dress : CHOIES
Hat : Thrifted
Cardigan : Indie Stall
Shoes : DIY project

     My outfit featured on the front page of Chictopia just now! Click here to view outfit.
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Check out CHOIES for some awesome looking quirky dresses and outfits. They put a different spin on Fashion and ship internationally. No, I kid you not. And now for my exit.
Aiko - out -

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