How To Make A Winnie The Pooh Plushie Tutorial

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Hello fluffies! It is crafty Wednesday and we are making another plush. This is a Winnie The Pooh Plushie and I think it is super adorable! What do you think? Below are some tips to get this little guy right.

Sewing the plush:
Be sure to cut Winnie The Pooh's shirt nicely so that it fits his body.
Sew on the shirt only on the top sides and finally the bottom of the legs.
When you blanket stitch your plush, start with the red areas first. I found this easier and it looks cuter that way too because you are stuffing the plush in sections.

Good luck and see you this weekend for a fashion video!
Winnie The Pooh Template

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  2. so glad I checked in today, haven't visited in a couple of months and all these awesome goodies are posted. Thanks for all your hard work Aiko and sharing with us. You ROCK!! : )

    1. welcome back! I am glad you are back and thank YOU for always supporting me. Big huggs!