DIY Felt Candy Inspired Embelished Jacket - Fashion Tutorial

When it comes to fashion, most of us categorize it as something that should be in, trendy, up to date. I personally am not a trend setter or a Fashionista even. I am not a person who bothers much about trashing or bad mouthing some dude who walks down the road wearing a purple polka dotted pants and a bright pink and purple striped top. I am also not a person who enjoys big exclusive brands or over expensive handbags. I would rather give all that money spent on a ten thousand dollar shoe to charity. With that said, that does not mean I am unable to dress up and look the way I want to look.

This week in Fashion tutorials, I am going to teach you how to embellish an old jacket and make it your very own style statement. I am quite quirky when it comes to clothes and I dress according to how I feel on that particular day. On some days, I like the edgy look, while on other days, I like to dress down but today, I feel like candy! Most of you have been with me for a little while would probably know that I was in Japan for quite a long time. I love how individual they are when it comes to fashion, so much so, the Japanese made it big into the international market for their quirk and creativity. Believe it or not, most of the things that they wear are handmade to fit their style mood and I find that amazing.
I decided to upcycle this jacket with felt candy. I made felt candies and bows in pastel colors to give this a really sweet look. I also paired this up with a cute pink cotton candy skirt. It added a really nice texture to the outfit and made it even quirkier. The high socks were actually cut outs from an old sweater I don't ever use anymore and I pulled the sleeves on top of a pair of beige socks. I also wore beige baroque wedges I got in Japan and I love them. They have been with me for years now. The bow ring was also another DIY project. Carmen who happens to be a good friend on YouTube sent me a bunch of crochet pastel bows to play with and I thought it would look really cute on a ring.
I think I have written too much, so I shall show myself out to have a cup of coffee on the veranda. In the mean time, let me know what you think of fashion in the comments? Are you a die hard fashion forward person? Or do you take pride in your own style statement?
HUGS! and enjoy the video tutorial.
Candy embellishment template
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