Summer Lookbook 2013 : Cute Picnic Outfit Ideas

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Summer is here. Well, I lie. Summer is always here where I live, but lets pop the champagne for those of you who now celebrate the warmth of summer. I recently had the honor of shopping with Vicnity and I have to say that I simply love the vintage accents to their outfits. The other thing I like is that they only have a couple of pieces of the same outfit which obviously means that you should never have to see a gezillion ladies walking around town with the same dress which is a clear plus with me. I am quite picky with what I wear and even though I don't claim myself a fashionista of any kind, I still like the occasional splurge on outfits that I adore. This week, I put together an old school lookbook/picnic outfit ideas bringing back vintage to my blog because I love how vintage is always timeless and beautiful.
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Inspired by the Bohemian look, I threw a couple of things together for this outfit. I paired this pretty Aztec printed chiffon romper with a pair of knee high socks, Japanese baroque wedges and a mesh hat. To pull the look together, simply slipped on a statement beaded necklace in a rusty color which I made by hand to accentuate the Boho girl in me. If you are digging this romper, head on HERE to purchase. They have this in a couple of colors. I chose the purple one just because.
polka dot dress, peter pan collar, outfit of the day, chiffon, vicnity
Peter Pan, polka dots and flouncy bouncy skirts. These 3 combined together, and you have this really cute outfit which landed me on the front page of Chictopia last night. It was a hit after I posted it and I think I know why. It is so darn cute, you would be mad not to like this outfit. This Peter Pan collared chiffon dress  has a really pretty mint green color to it which I absolutely love. However, to bring out the colors to the outfit and add some fun to it, I wore a mesh hat, a red vintage belt and blood red shoes. I love how this outfit brought me back in time and had such a dreamy feel to it. Now all I need is confetti. This one comes in 2 colors which I will link right HERE.
Just to rub in the fact that this was featured on Chictopia's front page, I took a screenshot for your viewing pleasure.
Can you spot me?

floral cotton dress, nature inspired outfit, beads, necklace, hat, wedges, vicnity
Nature. Oh, how we love nature. Now lets wear nature. Not literally or course. When I put this outfit together, I was thinking earth, green, flowers and purple. I chose this dress because it reminded me so much about being in Japan where Mori girls love dressing in earthy tones and layers. However, given the weather in this country and the sheer fact that I would be frowned upon if I attempted to walk out the house like a Mori girl, I decided to take inspiration from it and styled this outfit. I love the earthy colors on this dress,and themed it up with an olive army buckle belt for some edge, put on a wooden charmed necklace I made in my free time, threw an olive colored jeans jacket on my shoulder for a hint of cool, slipped on a pair of lace socks and donned my all time favorite pair of baroque wedges. Oh, and the hat, we can't forget the hat which was a stable in this particular lookbook.
 I checked the link to this dress on Vicnity, unfortunately for you ladies, it is already sold out. The pieces in their collection sell out really fast because they don't practice having a ton of copies of the same dress, so be sure to check the ones that are available if you are digging them and make that awesome purchase.
They ship internationally too which is a plus. I shall take my leave now while you look at these pictures. Don't forget to also check out my video look book to get a close up on all the pieces here on YouTube. Till then, toodles my fluffies. Tell me what you think about my vintage outfits in the comments below. Do you like vintage? I know I do.

Check out Vicnity HERE

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