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Preview of my next  upcoming tutorial! Meet Baby Octo!

I feel that I am making so many accomplishments this year as my journey progresses on the internet world as a craft artist. When I started last year, I never knew that I would see so much growth on my blog, YouTube channel and my social networks. At the moment, nothing can describe how I feel. I just hope and pray that this feeling will be forever, because I am feeling on top of the world right now.

Now let's start with the actual post and not indulge in my tendency to be extremely self absorbed on occasions like these. (Tee..Hee). I made a tutorial on NANA's punk rock choker last week. Today, I get a wonderful message from the Craft Gossip representative telling me that they featured my tutorial on their website! How cool is that right? I shall now happily indulge you in a screenshot. I am now on their homepage,  however I will link you to the actual article. I just like the idea of being on the homepage (giggles giddily).
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I would like to personally thank Linda for taking the time to visit my humble home here on YouTube. It was truly an honor. In case you guys are wondering what the Craft Gossip does, they are a HUGE website dedicated to crafts of all kinds. They feature all kinds of artists from clay, felt, sewing and a whole lot of other kinds of handicraft. They are by far the biggest site on Google now where craft is concerned, so you would really want to check them out. They have some awesome inspiration there. You can also read my article HERE


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