DIY FASHION : Quick DIY Bunny Beanie From An Old Sweater

 Happy weekend peepsles! Don't you just love the names I give you? *evil -like laugh* I am all for Japanese fashion. In fact, Japanese related awesomeness will always be my most favorite, however this time around, I got really intrigued with this new bunny ear beanies Korean stars have been sporting. They are selling like hot cakes online and in physical stores, and for such a hefty ridiculous price, I decided to make one for myself using an old knitted top/sweater. I made it into my own kind of thing without following exactly how the original Korean bunny beanies are like.
 This quick DIY beanie is super easy to create. I have seen loads of tutorials on how to glue and machine sew them together, however, neither are my favorite methods, hence, I used my good old best friend, the Blanket Stitch. Never underestimate the Blanket Stitch I always say. For me it has been the most versatile stitch that goes especially well with anything. I have even sewn bags together with blanket stitches, so it would work perfectly fine with a beanie.
This is how this baby looks like on a close shot. I think it was the most fun DIY Fashion tutorial I made so far. Definitely a favorite. What do you think? Tell me if you ever make one and send me pictures too! Would love to see a pair of extra ears popping up from the nook of your head. Till then, great weekend to all of you!
This is only a reference picture and not a template because of the difference in head sizes. Use this as a guide on how you are going to draw out your beanie shape on your very own fabric.