Most Popular Blog Post Award

So most of you should know that I was featured by Artsy Craftsy about 2 months ago when I first started and Shia Lyn did an interview with me. I am still so grateful to her for featuring me because Artsy Craftsy is one of the most well known craft review blogs in Malaysia. I decided to jump on her T.A.C Team bandwagon and contributed my YouTube tutorials on her website because I think that people in Malaysia need to know that craft is such a wonderful way to explore and translate a whimsical dream or to even vent when you are angry. Yes it does that for me. Instead of going all cuckoo and yelling my head off, I vent off my anger by creating more darker looking vintage jewelry and tell my story through my craft.
It has been about a month now since I've joined the T.A.C Team and it's so awesome to know that I have been the most visited post! SO...ZOMG!
And theres a badge to prove it! LOL...oh well..happiness comes with all things good..:)
I think that my love for craft is growing some fruit now don't you say?
Let's just hope I achieve my goal and inspire more Malaysians to share their passions as well.


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