How To Make A Hello Kitty Donut Plushie

Don't you just love this donut!!!! <3 Looks sooo good I feel like eating it LOL... Oh well, so this is my version of a Hello Kitty Donut and I really can't wait to see yours!! It's so super versatile, you will be able to make so many colors, flavors and also patterns Oo. What about a Rilakkuma Donut! Sounds fun >.<

Sorry big ramble up there but I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. HUGS
Donut Template
 And there's the template :) Don't forget to leave me a video response if you do this or you could even head to my Facebook Page if you don't have a YouTube account and post your pictures there. In fact you could post all your plushie pictures on my Facebook Page and I would love to see them all. HUGS


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