How To Make A Kiiroitori Sewing Kit Felt Pouch Tutorial

Greetings fluffies! Today we are making something a little less complicated, but cute nonetheless. I travel a ton during the week, often from place to place for meetings, meet ups and sometimes to pay a visit to my little jewelry shop and I always find myself packing little projects to make during wait hours in between. With that said, I am pretty much a huge mess when it comes to my little craft items and I thought this would be a great time to get organized and make myself a mini sewing kit travel pouch (wheeew, what a mouthful).

Anyways! Double awesome this week, because I had the honor of working together with Marco and he made a cute little chubby looking Kiiroitori plush which you can watch right here. He is so amazing with a needle and thread, I swear he makes me feel so little and mediocre with what I do. You have to watch his stuff.

Alright, so lets take a look at all the things you will need for this felt pouch project and as always, I shall leave the video tutorial below.

Things you need for this felt project:
Felt ( Yellow is compulsory for Kiiroitori's base color. I used printed felt for the inner lining of the pouch)
Thread & needle
Ribbon for handle

Pretty simple, yes? Templates will be uploaded as soon as I get home today and I wish unto all you bird loving fans a wonderful and bright weekend. TOODLE-LOooo!
Love you loads!

Kiiroitori Felt Pouch Template
To Save Template, right click and choose 'Save Image As'
Remember to fix your print settings at 100% to get the original measurements 
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