DIY FASHION: K-Pop Inspired Heart T-Shirt ( Changeable designs)

I have been in quite the upcycle mood of late. I made a few dresses I don't quite wear as much as I should into little cropped tops which I will show in an upcoming outfit look book, and have failed miserably at doing of late.
But, I'll save you the bore with my 'I am busy' excuses and show you a cute little top I upcycled once before, but got a little bored with the design, and decided to change it up with something K-Pop inspired instead.

The awesome trick about this fashion DIY is that, you will be able to snap off the little heart designs and put on any other design you want in the future which makes this a rather versatile top, and in a way planet saving maybe?
I love how Korean street fashion is making quite the mark and one thing you gotta love about it is that they have made big tees an in thing. I can now jazz up my big shirts I threw aside before with a cute DIY or two, throw it over a pair of tight fitting leggings, wear a  pair of funky looking combat boots and voila! Perfect for a shopping date with the girls. Plus, no one sees that bulging tummy after a huge lunch feast. HAH!

Now for the things you need for this easy peasy sewing project:
An old tee
Felt in any color
Needle/ Thread
Snap closures (Compulsory for this method)
Fabric glue

All you need to do now is download the template or come up with your own cute designs. Don't forget to show me what you decide to do with your very own old tees. I love an eye candy or two to look at during my free time. With that said, I shall take my leave and hurry for a meeting. ( I am literally late btw >.< )

Heart Applique Template
To save template, right click and choose 'Save Image As'
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  1. I love the heart shirt, super cute, definitely trying this out. May I ask where you got your grey top? I really love the design.

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy