DIY: How To Make A Felt Organizer Wallet Tutorial

Why hello there fluffeteers! I hope you guys are having a great week as always. This week, I figured we should get back to basics and reorganize! Or something along the lines of that. I have a huge tendency to forget important dates, chores and such, more so when I have an extra busy week ahead of me and having an organizer around helps keep me in check, especially with the birthdays. You know how people get upset over birthdays.
Only problem is, store bought organizers don't really appeal to me and I love me a pretty organizer. I decided to make this on a whim and to be honest, I really like it. Making your own organizer not only gives you the freedom to be creative with how it looks, but it also gives you  the means to really work on how you want it to best serve your needs. Being an organizer and all.
Super simple and basic shapes.You will basically be cutting out rectangular shapes in odd sizes and I have inserted my measurements to make things a little easier for you. Go ahead and design your own organizers into different shapes and sizes, heck, this could also be made into a spanking brand new wallet. I also added a bow as I always do with everything I make, because bows are all that, and if you want in on the fun, go ahead and check out this tutorial.

Things you will need:
Cardboard/ hard paper
Glue (fabric, tacky)
Little decorations
Lots of patience and a dash of creativity
Follow the measurements provided here with the instructions from my video tutorial
and you will be able to have your very own DIY organizer. Good luck!

So, ENJOY!  As always, I LOVE YOU more than polka dots and ice cream!
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  1. Love it to bits. Very useful and gorgeous as well! xx

  2. this is so cute. thanks so much for the tutorial!