DIY: Cat Ears Headband Tutorial

Why hello there baby cakes! I am so excited about this tutorial. We will be making this really cute looking cat ears headband and to be honest, I am not a fan of huge things on the head as accessories, but this is just too cute to pass. This is a huge trend now in Asia and started originally in  Korea, and then Taylor Swift appeared with it in one of her music videos and BAM! suddenly the whole world wants a piece of this kitty headband. I made the ears really small because I wanted it to be subtle, cute and sweet and not overwhelming like the original ones Taylor Swift wore. This way is a great way to look awesome and at the same time not too over the top.
You will need wire cutters, beads, plain headband and a roll of ribbon to complete this DIY project. My video will be up during the weekend, but I was too excited and needed to show you a picture before hand.
Relish the cuteness and have a great day my friends. HUGS!

And it is up!! Enjoy! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Cute headband.