DIY Hair Accessories : Whimsical Felt Glitter Star HairPin

Why hello there pretty ladies! Today we are going to make this really pretty whimsical hair ornament. It is simple, and works great with long or short hair. Worth a try if you are a rookie at craft because it is a glue happy tutorial!
All you need is a bobby pin, some felt, scrap ribbon and glue. I love stars because they give me this really ethereal feel that I usually see in fantasy movies or games. Hence, the over the top glow like, dreamy pictures. If you are not a fan of glittery stars like I am, you could change this up and turn it into any kind of shape and character. Your imagination is the limit.
There is only one thing to do once you are done, strike a pose and take a pretty picture! Have fun guys! Template and tutorial will be up on Saturday. In the meantime, enjoy some glittery shots I took while filming this tutorial.

Glitter Star Hairpin Template


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