How To Sew A Kawaii Oyasumi Bakura Phone Holder Plush

I love this little phone holder!! It turned our pretty cute and Oyasmi Bakura from San - X has got to be one of my favorite characters now. I hope you guys liked this tutorial. I would really suggest that you make your own templates based on the shapes that I had in the tutorial simply because it would fit your phone better. However, I think that my template my fit most phones, only not the bigger ones like the Samsung Note and so forth.

Oyasumi Bakura Phone Holder Plush Template
My square pieces are a little big but that is because I like my phone holders big and fluffy. You can scale it down if you want. You can also round the edges to the square to give it a less straight look. Tell me if this template works because it was huge so I hope the dimensions are right here. Thank you again!     


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