Pompompurin Plushie Tutorial

ZOMG!! I totally forgot to put this post up!! And it has been ages LOL!!..Woww...sorry T_T...Anyways! A few days back I posted this tutorial up on YouTube so do go check it out. I had loads of messages from you guys saying that you wanted my template, so I will probably post it up end of this week because I'm soooooo superrr dupeer busy right now, I can't handle my own toilet time T_T...SO promise! Template will be up by Friday and yes yes isn't Pompompurin a sweetheart? The pudding makes him even more adorable.

Edit : 27th June 2012
Hah! I'm a few days early with the template :D
Pudding Template


  1. SO ADORE-BABBLE!!! i especially love pom pom pudding dog! :D U should do KON from bleach!! Even if it's just a mini one :D