Pig Rabbit Plushie Tutorial ( From the Korean drama You're Beautiful)

Whoa ! The title is a mouthful. Anyways, this was a request from one of my beautiful wonderful susbies and we will be making a pig rabbit plushie! This pig rabbit plushie became a big hit from the Korean drama You're Beautiful... ZOMGGG please go see it if you haven't already. The actor reminds me of a bishounnen from anime and manga LOL!! Only he is REAL LIFE!
And now for the template ^_ ^
Pig Rabbit Template
Remember that you can add hands and make the bow smaller like it was in the drama, but you know my tendency to change things up abit to my taste >.<


  1. My boyfriend got me the Piggy Bunny from the show.....I may have to make this to keep it close when I watch my dramas lol