Mini Hamburger Set Meal Plush Tutorial : ( Day 1 - Hamburger Plushie)

So I got a tutorial request from a really sweet person on YouTube to make a hamburger plushie. And then I thought, why not make a whole meal set! That would be so superly fun! So yeap that's what we will be doing and we are going to kick off another themed tutorial starting today with a kawaii little realistic hamburger plushie. I will be doing the all the items below divided into individual tutorials or we would take WAYYYyyy too long putting them into 1 :) So yeap yeap! Enjoy!

Day 1 : Hamburger Plushie
Day 2 : Package of Potato Wedges Plushie
Day 3 : Soft Drink Plushie
Day 4 : Dessert & Tray Plushie

Yummmy without the calories (as quoted by Bubs lol )
And now for the template :)
Burger Template


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