Featured Artisan by Friendly Fashion

Firstly, I have to say that I'm really happy. Yes maybe building a business around your work of art can take time to flourish and succeed, however it is the process of hitting home that truly makes it an experience one would never forget. To me, making and selling vintage bracelets is something I love and respect as a hobby,business and interest. Most people take craft for granted, especially buyers who always ask questions like...'WAAA so expensive wan ah??' or 'Why your prices all different one?'and hibie jibbies like that. What they fail to realize though, is the work, love and time that is contributed to make something that looks out of the ordinary, complete with its very own story and definitely with a history of the artisans feelings, hopes and dreams when she was making it. Well, I guess that there is still room for change in the Asian mindset about arts and crafts. I hope that I will be helping in that retrospect..in some way...lol...
So yes, on to the fun stuff, I GOT FEATURED BY FRIENDLY FASHION!...How freaking cool is that! You have to check them out! I've put a link to their awesome preloved store and they also allow craft artisans to sell their goods there which is awesome!...So below is the post of them featuring my brownie plushie tutorial and...that's about it. I would probably be a contributor there like I am for Artsy Craftsy..and I can't possibly wait for all that fun to unfold.
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