900 Subbies!! I'm Happy!

Wow! Don't you think it has been ages since I've started my channel on YouTube? Well not really if you look back at my previous videos. I think it has been about 2 months and to gain 900 subbies in two months is just...jaw dropping for me at least. I'd never thought I'd actually come this far with YouTube. Honestly speaking, I never even thought I'd get 100 subscribers lol.
YouTube has changed my life for the better of course and I've met so many wonderful people who have been such a huge support to my cause. So thank you to all my 900 subbies!!!
*faints from excitement*

P/s: this is definitely a mood lifter after my facebook ordeal :)

Ohhh!! And in case you were wondering what that cute face was :) it was my kawaii sheep tutorial on YouTube. Go check it out and maybe make your own ^_^