Day 6 of 7 of Alice in Wonderland Plush Tutorial

Chipped Tea Cup
So we did the chipped tea cup plushie today from Alice In Wonderland and this was a requested tutorial. I thought it was such a cute idea so I went ahead and cancelled the chibi Alice I was going to do and did this instead!...I made it into a sort of like the Queen of Hearts theme and it really matches with the little card soldiers i made earlier on.
Just remember when you do this tutorial not to cut the inner circle too small or you would have a hard time stitchinng the top together when you are putting your final touches on this kawaii little cup. I made the insides a little puffy on purpose. I thought it had that realistic look, but I didn't want to lose the plushie like image it gives :)


  1. Hi do you have the patterns for the wonderland series? I can't find them, thanks :)

    1. Hi there! I do have all the patterns, however I will have to design a new one for this one as the last pattern didn't really work nicely. I will update you here as soon as I have it up :D Hugs

  2. Please... Please tell me you have a pattern for this (or a cup/ tea cup pattern like this), please. T__T