Day 1 of 7 of Alice in Wonderland Plush Tutorial

Drink Me Bottle Plushie
So the votes came in and Alice in Wonderland themed tutorial week was in high demand!! It is such a fun theme to do and I wished it was more then 7 days but I think theres time to pick it up again sometime in the future. I hope you guys enjoyed the first tutorial of the week and it's a Drink Me Bottle!'s in 3D and it looks soooo kawaii! I don't think I'll ever be giving this one away :)
So hugeee and so cute!! Feel free to change it up though if you don't like how big it is :) And now for the template!
Drink Me Bottle Template


  1. Akko, can you please make this plushie into a tutorial.

    1. hiya there :D there is one on my youtube channel :)